August 30, 2017

Key Financial Highlights:

  • Revenue $117.8M, an increase of 7% on 2016.
  • Net cash inflow from operations increased by 46.0% to $54.75M
  • Cash and bullion on hand (at fair value) increased to $44.9M.
  • Profit before tax and non-recurring items from Tomingley Gold Operations of $17.13M.
  • An impairment of $39.97M recorded during the year as a result of significant and prolonged impact of weather on operations and performance of the Tomingley Gold Operations, and revisions to the life of mine plan
  • After impairment, the Group’s net loss for the period after tax was $28.94M.
  • Net investing outflows of $40.69M includes $7.90M to advance the Dubbo Project.
  • Net assets of $164.93M.

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