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The Dubbo Project (DP) is approved and is currently seeking project finance.

Recruitment by Australian Strategic Materials (ASM) will occur towards the end of construction when the plant enters a commissioning phase. The operational workforce will be made up of some imported specialists who will be required to re-locate to Dubbo and local people who will be trained as operators to work at the DP.

Alkane estimates the DP will provide permanent employment for approximately 250 people, spanning a range of educational qualifications(from TAFE/VET to university and relevant professional qualifications). There will also be entry-level jobs available with opportunities for on-the-job training. Over 90% of available positions will be in the mineral processing facility. Jobs will include:

  • engineers, metallurgists, chemists, scientists
  • administration, accounting, logistics
  • transport, mining, operators, security, cleaning
  • tradespeople – mechanical, boiler making, electrical (including apprentices)

Where will the DP operations workforce be sourced from?

The workforce will primarily be sourced from Dubbo and the surrounding region (approx 80,000 people). The predicted long lifespan of the mine will provide genuine, long-term career opportunities to many people in Central West NSW.

It is expected that employees will live in the local area.

There is a wide range of long-term career options on offer. Download a copy of the Dubbo Project Careers Poster and Career Pathway sheets to show you:

  • what sort of jobs we’ll be offering
  • what sort of skills you’ll need in order to be eligible

Career pathway sheets

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