Environmental Management - Alkane Resources Ltd
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Environmental Management

Minimising our environmental footprint is important. We work hard to protect the wide variety of native species that live in our mining areas. Alkane’s mining, processing and rehabilitation activities are carefully designed with wildlife safety and low environmental impact in mind.

Encouraging biodiversity

The establishment and care of biodiversity offset areas forms an important part of Alkane’s commitment to the environment and the community. These designated areas are earmarked for the restoration and creation of new native habitats for animal species, especially those that are threatened and endangered.

Sensitive design

We intend our operational and exploration activities to have minimum environmental impact. That means designing (and redesigning) for small physical footprint, low volumes of consumables, water recycling, and rigorous waste residue treatment and storage.

Site rehabilitation

Before any soil is turned on site, we are already thinking about rehabilitation. Through sensitive design, progressive rehabilitation, monitoring and management actions, we prepare to restore mining sites to stable and productive ecosystems.

Conservation of the Pink-tailed Worm-lizard

Alkane has committed significant energy and resources to developing a management plan for the relocation and long-term benefit of a vulnerable species known as the Pink-tailed Worm-lizard (PTWL). We are privileged to manage and conserve the largest known PTWL population in NSW.


Rehabilitation of Peak Hill Gold Mine

Alkane’s environmental track record is illustrated by the rehabilitated landforms at the Peak Hill Gold Mine (in operation 1996 to 2005). A pleasant bushland setting frames five mining voids, which are now open to the public, and several native bird and mammal species have been established.


Integrated farming and conservation

With the establishment of Toongi Pastoral Company, Alkane is proud to have invested in agriculture to demonstrate that mining, farming and nature conservation can co-exist in harmony with the local community.


Spawning new fish habitats in the Macquarie River

Alkane participated in a community project to help reinstate woody ‘snags’ into the Macquarie River. Over a hundred cleared grey box trees from Tomingley Gold Operations were partially submerged in the river to provide essential habitats and spawning sites for native fish.