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  • 17-Nov-2021

    2021 Annual General Meeting

    The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Alkane Resources Ltd was held on 17 November 2021 as a virtual meeting.

  • 04-Nov-2019

    Ngahla Talbot is working to uncover valuable resources hidden beneath the surface

    Talbot is part of Alkane Resources’ exploration team, working with geologists to discover the next gold mine in New South Wales. He spends most of his time out in the field, helping the exploration crew to collect samples such as drill cores. It’s a job that takes Talbot all over the countryside. “I do the […]

  • 18-Oct-2019

    An award-winning community resilience initiative took Christian Munge from the farm to Parliament House

    It’s calving season on Alkane’s Toongi farm, which for station hand Christian Munge means watching and hand feeding the calving cows. Then there’s the task of helping contractors with fencing work, and building a loading ramp for the sheep yards. There’s always something different happening on the 3500-hectare property, Munge says. The farm is currently […]

  • 11-Oct-2019

    Geologist Lachlan Burrows takes on the longest six-day charity ride in the world.

    While much of the country enjoyed a public holiday sleep-in on Monday, Lachlan Burrows was on his bike—literally. The Alkane Resources employee has been cycling the first leg of the Tour de OROC, or the Orana Region Outback Challenge, to raise money for Macquarie Home Stay. At 1100 kilometres, the ride is the equivalent of […]

  • 18-Jun-2019

    Rare earths: the bigger truth behind the US-China trade dispute

    Mark Twain said ‘Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story’, according to a quick Google search¹.  This may be good advice for novelists, but it’s bad news in every sense when journalists apply it. The truth about rare earths underlies the shiny story of the US-China trade dispute, which our […]

  • 30-May-2019

    The media frenzy being played out under the guise of the US-China trade tariff dispute is misplaced.

    Like a slow-boiling frog, consumers have either ignored or merely croaked about China’s increasing dominance of the rare earths market, when they should have been hopping to develop alternative supplies. The media frenzy being played out under the guise of the US-China trade tariff dispute is misplaced.   As China advances its economic and environmental agendas, its […]

  • 23-Apr-2019

    China’s water crisis stems flow of zirconium and rare earths for global industries

    World Water Day on 22nd March highlighted some staggering facts about water shortages affecting much of the world’s population. While many Western countries take access to clean water for granted, growing water crises in other countries have world-wide consequences. For example, China is taking steps to secure its water resources, with serious impacts for global […]

  • 03-Apr-2019

    Alkane Resources: fifty golden years… and a bright future

    Alkane Resources: a gold production company with a multi-commodity exploration and development portfolio.  Alkane has around 6,400 shareholders, including local investors interested in regional development.  The Company initially listed on the Australian Stock Exchange fifty years ago when Alkane’s primary objective was to search for hydrocarbons in the Sydney Basin, but the Company switched to […]

  • 27-Feb-2019

    Climate change action depends on supply of critical elements

    To prevent catastrophic climate change, we must rapidly reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, replace fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy sources and make much more efficient use of resources. A critical point is that these urgent tasks cannot be achieved unless we have a secure supply of elements essential to advanced […]