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Final Assays Received for Infill Resource Drilling at Roswell

Final assay results have been received from the infill drilling of the Roswell Inferred Resource. The infill resource drilling program comprised 92 holes for a total of 29,000 metres.   

The final assay results were received from 21 drill holes for a total of 6,250 metres. Latest significant intercepts for the Roswell deposit include: 

  • RWD041    34.3 metres grading 3.76g/t Au from 387 metres;
    incl             6.0 metres grading 9.63g/t Au from 403 metres.

  • RWD042       21.0 metres grading 3.46g/t Au from 349 metres;
    and                6.0 metres grading 2.22g/t Au from 382 metres;
    and                20.7 metres grading 10.3g/t Au from 414 metres;
    incl                 8.0 metres grading 23.9g/t Au from 420 metres.

  • RWRC352D  73.0 metres grading 1.49g/t Au from 286 metres;
    and                31.4 metres grading 2.88g/t Au from 382 metres;
    incl                 1.6 metres grading 9.87g/t Au from 410 metres.

  • RWRC378D  12.0 metres grading 1.11g/t Au from 332 metres;
    and                31.0 metres grading 2.23g/t Au from 400 metres;
    incl                 2.0 metres grading 10.3g/t Au from 409 metres.

  • RWRC379D  45.0 metres grading 6.14g/t Au from 380 metres;
    incl                 1.0 metre grading 102g/t Au from 391 metres.

  • RWRC380D  4.0 metres grading 4.76g/t Au from 258 metres;
    and                2.0 metres grading 6.14g/t Au from 265 metres;
    and               102.0 metres grading 2.26g/t Au from 280 metres;
    incl                3.0 metres grading 14.8g/t Au from 289 metres;
    also              11.0 metres grading 4.43g/t Au from 350 metres.

  • RWRC391    25.0 metres grading 3.05g/t Au from 351 metres to bottom of hole;
    incl                5.0 metres grading 6.85g/t Au from 353 metres

An updated resource estimation for Roswell is expected to be released in early November 2020. San Antonio infill resource drilling is continuing.

The San Antonio updated resource estimate, with preliminary mine plans for Roswell and San Antonio, is scheduled for release late in Q4 2020.

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