Ngahla Talbot is working to uncover valuable resources hidden beneath the surface - Alkane Resources Ltd
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Ngahla Talbot is working to uncover valuable resources hidden beneath the surface

Talbot is part of Alkane Resources’ exploration team, working with geologists to discover the next gold mine in New South Wales. He spends most of his time out in the field, helping the exploration crew to collect samples such as drill cores.

It’s a job that takes Talbot all over the countryside. “I do the samples, mark the core up and put orientation lines in there so the geologists can get structural measurements,” he says. “I do things like soil sampling and data entry, and helping out with the management of the rigs in the program as well as logistics.”

Talbot is an Aboriginal man from the Wiradjuri people, the largest Aboriginal group in New South Wales. Traditional Wiradjuri country includes the townships of Dubbo, Condobolin, Orange, Bathurst, Wagga Wagga, Albury, Narrandera, and Griffith. Talbot grew up around Wellington, and sometimes gets the chance to share his Aboriginal knowledge with the exploration crew.

At the moment the team is drilling near Talbot’s home town, following up on an intercept at Alkane Resources’ Boda prospect. They’re also working on a resource drill-out of another recently-discovered prospect, just a few kilometres from the Tomingley gold mine.

Talbot started as a contractor to Alkane Resources, and worked with the company for about a year before being offered a full-time position. Has now been employed by Alkane for about year and a half. “It’s pretty interesting,” Talbot says. “We work all over the place… so you get to see a fair bit of the countryside. And I find the geology interesting, such as working with and looking for ore, and seeing visible gold.”