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Armstrongs (Gold)

Located west of Parkes, this prospect has similar geology to the Tomingley Gold Project and historic drilling has identified low-grade gold mineralisation over a 400 metre strike length. The available historic data is being reviewed and evaluated for economic potential.


Trangie (Nickel-copper, Cobalt, Titanium and Rare Earths)

The exploration licence targets a geophysical anomaly discovered by state aerial and ground surveys, featuring geology atypical for the region, located approximately five kilometres east of Trangie township. It is considered a prospect for a number of metals, including nickel, copper, cobalt, titanium and rare earths.


Leinster Region Joint Venture (Nickel-Gold)

Alkane has a diluting 19.4% interest in this Western Australian nickel-gold exploration venture (Miranda and McDonough Prospects), with Australian Nickel Investments Pty Ltd (Western Areas Ltd).