ESG Principles - Alkane Resources Ltd
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ESG Principles

Alkane upholds high environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards for our exploration, mining and processing activities.

Enhancing biodiversity

We work hard to protect and nurture the wide variety of native species that live in and around our mining areas. Our project rehabilitation and biodiversity offset areas are actively managed, with the aim of restoring wildlife habitats and enhancing native bird and mammal populations.

Low-impact operations

Our exploration, mining and processing activities are carefully designed to occupy a small physical footprint, using low volumes of power, water and other consumables. Our waste residues are treated and stored with minimum impact to the environment. We practice progressive rehabilitation and safe environmental practices.

Social responsibility

We’re committed to providing a safe and rewarding workplace for all employees and contractors. Our workforce conditions meet international occupational health and safety standards, with no exploitation or child labour. We also assist regional communities to flourish and become more resilient and aim to leave a lasting positive legacy in the region.

Corporate responsibility and governance

We employ comprehensive systems of control and accountability, and administer corporate governance with openness and integrity based on the principles and recommendations of the ASX Corporate Governance Council.