Sustainable Supply Chain - Alkane Resources Ltd
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Sustainable and ethical sourcing of raw materials

As the first link in a sustainable supply chain, Alkane upholds stringent social and environmental standards for the mining and processing of our products. Our materials will be ethically produced onsite in Australia or via our exclusive toll partner, making them cost-effective and highly traceable across the supply chain.

Low-impact operations

Our mining and processing activities are carefully designed to occupy a small physical footprint, use low volumes of power, water and other consumables, and produce waste residues that are treated and stored with minimum impact to the environment.

Environmental management

We focus on protecting, nurturing and enhancing local biodiversity, as well as progressive land rehabilitation to ensure our sites are returned to stable and productive ecosystems once mining is finished.

Social responsibility

Our workforce conditions meet international occupational health and safety standards, with no exploitation or child labour. This includes the employees of our marketing and off-take partners in Australia and overseas.

Corporate responsibility

We employ comprehensive systems of control and accountability, and administer corporate governance with openness and integrity based on the principles and recommendations of the ASX Corporate Governance Council.