Tomingley Gold Extension Project - Alkane Resources Ltd
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Alkane plans to extend our gold mining operations at Tomingley in Central Western NSW to the recently defined San Antonio and Roswell deposits immediately south of the existing mine.

We have been producing gold at Tomingley Gold Operations (TGO) since 2014. After a period of open cut mining at the Caloma and Wyoming deposits, underground mining commenced in 2019.

Assuming government approval will ultimately be obtained, mining of the San Antonio and Roswell (SAR) deposits will extend the life of TGO to at least 2031.

The Tomingley Gold Extension Project will be a $30m+ project conducted with consideration for the environment and the community. The extension of our operations will secure 150 jobs for the region and extend our business arrangements with numerous local suppliers.

The NSW government classifies this project as a State Significant Development (SSD). The process to obtain government approval involves rigorous environmental studies and consultation with the local community, stakeholder groups, industry regulators and government agencies. We have commenced this process with the aid of independent consultants, targeting approval in Q3 2022.

Feedback from the consultation and approval process has directly informed the design of the project and the rehabilitation of final landforms. We intend to develop three open cut pits and an underground mine. To achieve this, we will reconstruct an 8.4km section of the Newell Highway and realign Kyalite Rd.

The project information page outlines these plans in more detail. Development and rehabilitation plans are currently under consideration as we continue to explore the best outcomes for the community, the environment and our shareholders.

Video: Preliminary Plans for the Tomingley Gold Extension Project